Akihabara(Informatuion about Akihabara in Tokyo,Japan)


About Akihabara 
Electronics Quarter. Hardware, Software and Otaku Culture. There are many shops. 


Map and Location 
Akihabara Maps
Another MAP of Akihabara 
Another MAP of Akihabara The orange cross at the lower center is JR train Akihabara Station. Most Electronic Shops are at northwest of the cross. Yodobashi Akiba is at northeast of the cross.


Links of Akihabara 
AKIHABARA  By Japan National Tourist Organization. 
AKIHABARA  Akihabara Tourism Promotion Board. Duty Free shop Guide. 
RADIO CENTER  Sets of stores of electronic parts. (Japanese) 
YODOBASHI AKIBA  F1 to F6 all Electronics. Tower Records and bookstore at F7. The yellow Cross at the center of the Map is JR train Akihabara Station. The Orange building with P mark at the northeast of the train station is YODOBASHI AKIBA building. Have fun! (Japanese)
AKIBAOO  Blank Media. DVD-R, DVD-RAM, SDcards. (Japanese)
Club SEGA AKIHABARA  Gamecenter. Google map information at the bottom of the page. (Japanese)
Tokyo Guide TV Kanda/Akihabara  You can see computers are walking at Akihabara. 

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