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gel vaders 2  Use mouse only. Left click means throwing ball. If you do not have ball left click means jumping.After destroying all vaders,click rainbow color letters to go to next stage.
SUDOKU Free sudoku  Chat noir
simpei  Simpei is a new game from Japan. After entering the site, please choose an opponent. White eyes boy is the weakest. Then decide which one takes the first and push 'game start'.
The purpose is to make a straight line by your 3 pawns. If you put pawns where opponent's one (or two) pawn is between your two pawns you can put the enemy pawn wherever you like.
After putting all 4 pawns ,you and he move one pawn to make straight lines by 3 pawns(Not by 4). When you move pawns, large circle to small circle or small to large only. And straight line must be large circle 3 pawns or small 3 pawns.


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