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Abu Mena ( Egypt )
N30 51 E29 40
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Other Nearer World Heritage Sites
0Abu Mena Egypt 0UNESCOGoogle Map
1Memphis and its Necropolis – the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur Egypt 170UNESCOGoogle Map
2Historic Cairo Egypt 176UNESCOGoogle Map
3Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley) Egypt 177UNESCOGoogle Map
4Saint Catherine Area Egypt 488UNESCOGoogle Map
5Paphos Cyprus 504UNESCOGoogle Map
6White City of Tel-Aviv -- the Modern Movement Israel 504UNESCOGoogle Map
7Incense Route - Desert Cities in the Negev Israel 526UNESCOGoogle Map
8Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls 538UNESCOGoogle Map
9Masada Israel 544UNESCOGoogle Map
10Painted Churches in the Troodos Region Cyprus 554UNESCOGoogle Map



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