Loople Sendai (Informatuion about Loople Sendai bus service in Sendai,Japan)


About Loople Sendai 
 Loople Sendai is a bus service in sendai city. Buses depart every 30 minutes in service hours (every 20 minutes on holidays). Once you buy ONE-DAY ticket, you can get off and ride freely in one day. It is one route only and clockwise only. It is a recommended service for sightseeing travelers.


Map and Location 
ROUTE MAP  By showing Loople Sendai ONE DAY ticket, Aoba Castle Exhibition Hall, Zuihouden and other Some museums give you fee discount. Fee and time information is also available. 


Links of Loople Sendai 
SENDAI CITY TRANSPORTATION BUREAU  Information about Loople sendai, subways, Airport Limousine and others. 
Sendai map  Loople Sendai information .  
SENDAI MARUGOTO pass  This is not the Loople Sendai serveice. It includes the Loople Sendai bus service. Some JR trains,subways and buses are also availabe by this ticket for 2days. Ticket price is a little higher so I do not know it pays. 'MARUGOTO' means 'whole' in Japanese. 


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