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Links of Event Calendar in Japan 
Festivals & Events You can search Festivals & Events in one year. 
Sapporo Snow Festival, Setsubun Mantoro (Lantern Festival) , Kamakura Snow Festival, Hakata Dontaku Festival, Ukai (Cormorant Fishing), Kanda Matsuri, Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival, Tenjin Matsuri Festival, Sumida River Fireworks Display, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri and Hirosaki Neputa Matsuri, Daimonji Gozan Okuribi (Daimonji Bonfire), Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages) and others.
Seasonal Highlights  Japanese feel and enjoy Spring, Summer, Autumn and Fall through these.  
Seasonal Attractions  Cherry Blossoms and others. 


Each Cities' Events Links 
Tokyo tourism info  You can search events of the week in Tokyo. 
Flower Calendar  Flower Searons in Tokyo. 
Kyoto Events  Events Every Month in Kyoto. 
Osaka Info  Events infotmation in Osaka. 
Kansai Window  Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara Area Events Information. Please Click KIPPO NEWS. 
Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau  Events in Nagoya, Aichi. 
Hokkaido Events Guide  Sapporo Snow Festival is fomous. 


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